Namaste! This is my personal web page.

My name is Rajat Chnadrashekhar Shinde. An Electronics and Telecommunication graduate, currently pursuing Masters-PhD (Dual Degree) in Geo-informatics from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as a Prime Minister's Research Fellow (2018). The Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF) is issued by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. My current spatial coordinates are 19°8'N and 72°54'E and I reside in Mumbai, India.

If I'm able to save time from my routine, you will find me playing the flute. While playing Football, I am good at Right attack position and I love to bang shots on the goal post.
Recently, I have developed huge enthusiasm towards open source geospatial software. I also love to play with data and analyze patterns evolving from it using Machine learning techniques. My PhD topic involves application of Machine Learning for point cloud data processing.
Finally, I have 21 years of experience in this world but still new at everything.

Feel free to connect with me. I love to have a conversation with the strangers and transform them into a friend. :)

Rise and Shine!